Mormon Problems
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Ever had that moment where you think:"wow ... only mormons." Welcome to mormon problems.

"There is no obstacle to great, no challenge too difficult, if we have faith." Gordon B. Hinckley
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Posted 6 days ago
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Anonymous asked: Is it okay for a Mormon person to be a godparent to someone else's child of another faith ? And why don't mormon people have godparents ?

Yeah, my dad’s a Godparent to someones child. We just don’t have that belief as a necessary part of the family unit. - kim

Posted 1 week ago
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Before we had iPads (yes, we have iPads WHAT)


Before we had iPads we had “paper” planners. This one time my Companion and I asked this “Elder Bailey” to decorate ours.

I was on Exchange in the good land of Buffalo. Ilovewings. Ihavetosaythat.
We were teaching this man and the Spirit distinctly prompted me to show him my planner. 
When I did, he was AMAZED!!

that rhymed.
The Spirit did. 
So, he made someone make a copy of it. :) 
It was really cute. 
Basically, all I’m saying is that 
ONE - the Spirit leads us all to Truth. He is a member of the Godhead (which is Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost - or Spirit!) Whose influence touches hearts for good. He helps us Missionaries know what to share in lessons to best help that person. He is the same Spirit that helps that person know that what we are sharing is true. 
TWO - We can feel it in our hearts
for when man speaketh by the power of the Holy Ghost the power of the Holy 
Ghost carrieth it unto the hearts of the children of men. 2Nephi33:1
THREE - Learning how the Spirit speaks to me was, in my mind, equivalent to learning how to Water bend. (Avatar the Last Airbender? Ya?) It was little by little. As I followed more and was Obedient, I received more. They come as a whisper, or a subtle feeling. FOLLOW. Don’t question, just FOLLOW. You will see Miracles!!!!!!!! or a kind man smile when he sees a drawing of the Savior! :) 
 And it came to pass when they heard this voiceand beheld that it was not voice of thunder, neither was it voice of great tumultuous noise, but behold, it was still voice of perfect mildness, as if it had been whisper, and it did pierce even to the very soul— Helaman5:30
AND FOUR - The Remembrance of our Savior, Jesus Christ, makes us all feel a little happier, right? I am so grateful for Him. 
Think of Him :) The Atonement IS real. I feel free, and I feel happy.

Message me on Facebook if you want to know how to recognize the Spirit!

Or check this lovely website out to learn more about Jesus Christ.

accidently reblogged this on my personal blog… but i love this blog!! you guys shoudl check it out! i love missionaries ! - kim

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" You cannot play for the adversary whenever temptation comes along and then expect to suit up…at temple and mission time. "
- Jeffrey R. Holland (via mormonchannel)
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Posted 1 week ago
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colour-outof-space asked: Nothing about the endowment is weird if you study and prepare for it. It wasn't what I was expecting either, but when you prepare for it and have the Spirit with you, it makes sense. The temple is the Lord's university - the ultimate learning place. Keep going back and keep learning; I've been through twice and the second time was so much more for me because I knew what would happen and I wanted to learn more. Also talk to your bishop or temple president, Anon. Good luck!

Posted 1 week ago
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Anonymous asked: So every other church that hold the title Christian, and studies and abides by biblical law and doctrine are false? And worshipping a false God?

No, but they just don’t have the whole truth. They don’t have the power of the priesthood or the temple doctrine that are vital to the Gospel or even the Holy Ghost. What  they do have is the light of Christ which is why there’s a lot of good people in other churches. - kim

Posted 1 week ago
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thestraitandnarrow asked: Personally I don't agree with the anon on modesty. Eternal truths like modesty don't expire once you transition out of YW. And a philosophy like that sounds like "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we must wear garments." Or "I don't have to clutch to the iron rod. I can walk beside it" or "I can be mostly obedient, just so long as I'm not really wicked." Let the spirit guide you. I highly doubt it'll say: "Oh you couldn't wear that when you were a YW, but you can now that you're a YSA."

Posted 1 week ago
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Anonymous asked: It said something like "Against Heterosexuality" and I was like... whaaaaat that doesn't sound right!!

you’re probably on the wrong site…. that happens sometimes -.- is what it is! - kim

Posted 1 week ago
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Anonymous asked: I went to the LDS Northstar thing and the first article I opened talked about how homosexuality isn't real. I thought they were going to contradict it but they didn't. Wow. Sorry, I don't think I'm going to be looking into that site any more!!!

What in the world are you reading? Because I never see that on the site and I’m on it a lot and have many friends who go to their firesides. - kim

Posted 1 week ago
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Anonymous asked: I got my patriarchal blessing almost five years ago, and since then I've come to terms that I'm homosexual. Do you think I should ask for a new one? Or at least an amendment to the paragraph about my family?

You can’t ask for a new one, you could but they’d give you the same one. Same gender attraction or no, your blessing will more than likely stay the same. The things they talk about your family will only happy if you make the decision to still get married in the temple and raise a family.. but that’s up to you. 

Now for coming to terms that you’re homosexual i suggest you look into Northstar and Voices for hope! THey’re great and do a lot for members who are homosexual- kim

Posted 1 week ago
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Anonymous asked: Do you think it's other people's business to get inactive/ex-mormons to go back to church? They obviously had a taste of it and chose to leave for valid reasons. What if someone in your family left the church? Would you keep inviting them, even if they told you they weren't interested and would rather you didn't?

Lots of questions at once. I think it’s the right thing to do to invite someone to be apart of the church if they feel like it’s beneficial. I’m not saying they have to force them to come to the church, but to be supportive and willingto help them come back if they chose to. And yes, I’ve had family members leave the church. My favorite cousin was endowed and chose to stop attending church after her divorce and has expressed she doesn’t want to be asked back lots of times, but we still invite her to church things like baptisms and such and love and support her. - kim

Posted 1 week ago
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Anonymous asked: To anon about the YSA women modesty: Yeah, I think in part it does have to do with the more lax nature of not being in YW anymore, but I also think the women realize they're not wearing garments yet, and as long as they don't dress like strippers, they probably wear what they want. Tbh it's amazing to find the self-confidence to wear a skirt that's two inches higher than what you're used to or tighter around the butt. Feeling comfortable in your body is important, just don't let it all hang out.

Posted 1 week ago
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Anonymous asked: For the anon that wants to give up: Relapse is a part of recovery. It can be frustrating to make mistakes, but that's part of being human. Remember: you don't have to be perfect, you just have to do your best to be (temple)worthy. Keep holding on. It's a long road, but it is so worth it.

Posted 1 week ago
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Anonymous asked: So I was just wondering if this was an issue that happens often with YSA women or no. I've noticed that modesty is not stressed anymore and I wasn't exactly sure why this is? I went sorta inactive when I was away at school (I pretty much just had scripture study on sundays in my dorm room instead of church) so perhaps this was something that went on there, but I've noticed it a lot more now that I'm home. One girl even wore a midriff shirt to the dance last night only hours after her baptism.

That’s silly.. i’ve noticed that too and i dont undersatnd why.. I think it’s because temple modesty isn’t as stressed as it is when you’re in Young WOmens, but i also think it’s because the worlds fashions have changed and for some reason members are deciding to be OF the world when we should be IN the world but of higher standard- kim

Posted 1 week ago
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Anonymous asked: can mormons be vegetarians?

Sure? why not? - kim